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About me

Since childhood, I have been aware of the presence of people from spirit. Much like many others, I chose not to explore my  feelings and continued with my life. It was many years later that I decided to revisit these feelings and slowly began my spiritual journey. 

Like any work we do, I negotiated my 'working conditions' and started my new job. The journey has been long and fulfilling, I have met many wonderful people along the way.

I have helped, motivated and encouraged others and have done this with an open heart.

I trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London for many years, as a psychic medium and spiritual healer. I was invited to work as a platform medium and teacher at the London Spiritual Mission in Notting Hill and have also worked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all of which has been very fulfilling. In addition to now working at the college,  I teach locally in Hertfordshire and also offer one to one sittings at my home in Welwyn Garden City.

It has always been important to me to work in a grounded, uncomplicated and practical way, helping people to move on with their lives whether it be during a private consultation, during a workshop or meditation.


My objective is to facilitate healing, whether it is required because of  a bereavement, a life situation or the pressures of life.



Donna Richards

- Psychic medium

Workshops in Welwyn Garden City

If you have ever wanted to understand how a psychic medium works or have ever had feeling that you would like to explore this subject in more detail, then why not join me and learn how to develop your intuition ?


Learn how to give messages, receive messages from others in the group and mix with like minded people!

Discover, debate and socialise ......

NEXT WORKSHOP: To be confirmed

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