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Psychic development classes

For those of you who have a general interest in the type of work I do, or would like to learn how to be a psychic medium, I offer regular workshops in Welwyn Garden City.

Studying this subject involves exercises, meditations and introspection. We are all psychic but how we use this gift depends greatly on the teacher. It can take many years to learn how to work in a professional, grounded and ethical way, but once you get started it is the beginning of a journey of healing, not only for the people who will be drawn to you, but for you too.

Beginners classes are offered at the College of Psychic Studies in London. 7-9pm on Thursdays evenings. Please call the college to book on 0207 589 3292

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"I am very thankful and happy I have been introduced to Donna and the rest of my classmates. My feelings regarding the class are really positive. I have gained a lot over the past year and have noticed a gradual shift in my ability to connect with spirit"

I am very glad that I joined the class. the last term was truly eye opening. I particularly enjoyed Donna's teachings.

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