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People sometimes get the wrong idea about meditation. They seem to think of someone sitting in the lotus position for hours and hours, chanting, dressed in white and virtually floating through their life!

Meditation is about calming the mind and body, simply relaxing and taking time for yourself. This can last for 10 minutes or an hour, its depends on what you wish to achieve. In my meditation classes I offer guided meditations to relax you and allow you to access just a little inner peace and tranquility to get you through what may be a busy or stressful life.

There may be times when you are being affected by outside influences such as stress at work, young children to take care of and may need 10 minutes or so a day to re-energise your batteries. My classes will give you the foundations on which to build.

I also incorporate healing within the meditations and offer assistance with day to day problems. You do not need any previous experience, just come along and see what happens!

​Meditation groups

Welwyn Garden City (call for details)


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