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Private consultations

Each consultation is tailored to the needs of the sitter and this will be discussed at the beginning of the session. I work in a direct, yet sympathetic way, bringing through the information you need at this time of your life. At each sitting I am open to work psychically, mediumistically and as an intuitive counsellor (or using a combination of these things).

It may be someone from spirit would like to give you a message or it may be that you need more practical advice about a particular situation in your life, whichever it is, I can assure you I will work to the best of my ability. 

 I find, the more relaxed the sitter, the better the sitting. Do not come with an agenda, come with an open mind and heart.  I cannot guarantee spirit communication and please remember, you have free will and can accept or reject any information or guidance you receive from me.  

You may be what I consider 'vulnerable' and because of this, should I feel the need to refer you on to a medical practioner,  other therapist, or suggest the time is not right for you to have a consultation, I will do so for your own good.

Sittings usually last for one hour, I will not offer a sitting to any person who has a mental health issue, who has been drinking alcohol, or uses recreational drugs. If you are unsure, please discuss this will me before making an appointment.     

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